With single sign-on integration, Ps Pay Viewer replaces the Pay History screen in Sage HRMS ESS. Data is displayed directly from Sage HRMS. No check caching process is involved. This results in a much quicker display of data to the screen for the majority of users. Ps Pay Viewer has robust filtering options, giving you the choice of how much and what information appears to employees. There is an option to filter hourly rate and hours worked for view by salaried and/or hourly employees. Additional filtering options exist for bank name, bank routing numbers, bank account type, and bank account numbers. Social Security Number filtering options allow you to show the last four digits only or nothing at all.

Ps Pay Viewer properly displays negative year to date earnings if they exist, and is so customizable that even headings on both the pay history summary and detail screens can be changed. Employers also have the option to display employer year to date match and show the deduction wage base.